4 Fun Ways to Welcome the Tooth Fairy

A child’s mind is always engulfed in the notions of dreamlands and faeries that can make their wishes come true. Although Santa Claus tops all, a tooth fairy is never the less for a child. At times, it can also make the parents feel nostalgic because this is a ceremonious event which will change their young one’s lives forever. If a dental care clinic center is the foe in your child's imagination then tooth fairy will be their guiding light.

Magic should be an essential part in the lives of children and tooth fairy adds on a special impact. If you are a parent who wants to fill their kid’s life with wonder, below are the 4 fun ways in which you can welcome a tooth fairy into your children’s imagination and trust us, the fun ways are more than just slipping a dollar under the pillow.

  1. Fairy Dust Pendant

Your kid will go gaga over a fairy dust pendant because who doesn’t want to keep a little pixie dust left behind by their favorite fairy? All you will need is a tiny glass jewelry vial, glitter, glue, necklace chain, and small eyelet screws if there is no cork. You can make this in a jiffy and your child will be one happy one in the morning.

  1. Tooth fairy door

When we say welcome to the tooth fairy, it means a proper legit welcome from a fancy door. All you have to do is purchase a small dollhouse door from a craft store and your kid can paint his/her favorite color on the door.

  1. A tooth fairy scrapbook

Scrapbooks are oldie but goodie. You can record the changes in your kid’s smile as the milk teeth fall out and stronger teeth fill in. You can click pictures of your kid from each time and you will have a heart full of reminiscent to look back to.

  1. Glittery light lantern

Welcome the fairy friend with a glitter lantern when she will be flying your way home in twilight and filling your kid’s imagination with wonder. The glitter lantern will also add in a special sparkle to your kid's wonder or it can also be helpful when your kid has to visit the family dentist in New Britain the next morning and might be dreading it in the night.