The importance of taking blood pressure before dental treatments

The importance of taking blood pressure before dental treatments

When you visit a dental care clinic center, the dentist takes your blood pressure. No matter you approached the dentist for a routine cleanup or avail any other dental service, taking the blood pressure is where the procedure usually starts. Hypertension, commonly known as High Blood Pressure is a serious disease, responsible for more than 60,000 deaths in a year. While there are a lot of other reasons that the best dentist New Britain CT would take your blood pressure before a dental checkup or service, one of the key reasons is ensuring your overall wellness. 

Yes, blood pressure affects a large number of individuals and often such people are too ignorant to visit a doctor just to get their blood pressure checked. Here are some of the additional reasons why your dentist would check your blood pressure:

To handle ‘white coat syndrome”

The fear of the dentist or dental checkup, also known as dental anxiety is what we call  ‘white coat syndrome’. The fear of the unknown often makes people worried about others entering your personal space as a dentist do, this could raise your blood pressure levels and cause further complications.

Epinephrine is the local anesthetics:

Epinephrine is a natural substance that is created and distributed in the body. It prepares the individual for emergency situations and ensures that your response is appropriate. However, when it is given to the patient in the form of local anesthetics, it increases the blood pressure. While in most of the cases the increase in the blood pressure is reasonable, it may be severe in certain cases, raising an alarm.

Feeling uncomfortable can make you panic;

In most situations when we aren’t comfortable enough, we have this tendency to get panicked. This often happens in dental sittings because the doctor would keep you in a particular position with mouth wide open and him entering in your oral cavity with all sorts of instruments. This can make you panic and the blood pressure to shoot up to significant levels. 

By checking the blood pressure beforehand, your family dentist CT would ensure that it is safe to perform any procedures on you. If they find that the blood pressure is higher than usual, they would suggest you take a break or come back another day with a more calm and comfortable mind. It is noteworthy to check that the dentist takes your blood pressure before offering you any medication or service.