Is it safe to travel through air after tooth extraction

Is it safe to travel through air after tooth extraction

There is nothing like a convenient time to get your tooth extracted. We understand that at times it becomes challenging to take out some time to visit the dental care clinic center and especially those who are planning to go on a trip for a couple of days often questions that whether or not it's safe to fly immediately after tooth extraction. In this article, we have got answers to all such dilemmas.

Is flying safe after tooth extraction? 

Usually, after a tooth extraction, it is recommended to avoid flying for at least two days so that if any complication arises it can be taken care of well. 

How dangerous is it to fly immediately after tooth extraction?

Even a healthy person who has not gone under any dental procedure can feel discomfort or pain in the tooth. Due to the change in altitude and air pressure, there are chances of problems like sinus, headache, dizziness, and toothaches. Thus, for a person who has got a tooth extracted, it is really important to talk to their Dentist in New Britain, CT to understand the problems associated with flying. 


However, if you are flying immediately after tooth extraction or even after a few days you must go prepared to overcome any discomfort that you may feel during the transition. Here are some of the items that you must carry along. 

  • Gauze: It is really important to carry an extra set of gauze to take care of any sort of bleeding if happens. Usually, after tooth extraction family dentist New Britain recommends changing Gauze after every few hours. 
  • Medicines: If your dentist has recommended any pain killer then you must not forget to carry it even if you are not feeling any discomfort before flying. You must keep these medicines handy to overcome any such situation. 
  • Water bottle: You must keep water bottle always with you as after tooth extraction consuming hot and cold beverages are usually not allowed, so to avoid any such temptation you must have water handy to keep yourself hydrated at all the times. 
  • Icepack or resealable bag: In case of swelling you must keep ice pack along or you can keep resealable bag along and can ask for an ice from flight attendants. If you are carrying ice pack then don't forget to hand over it to the attendant so that they can keep the same in the required temperature. 

After any dental procedure no matter how minor it is, it is imperative to take good care to avoid any sort of infection.