Is fruit juice affecting your kid’s teeth?


Most of the parents offer fruit juices to their kids to help them get the required nourishment. Fresh fruit juice is considered pure and rich with many nutrients that help the baby to grow in the right way and as per the age. While it is true that a glass of juice is great for your kid, it is also true that it might be as dangerous as a glass full of soda. Yes, the various juices that you get in the market aren’t alike and you need to be very vigilant about the type of drink you pick for your child. 

A few drinks that you must beware of include:

Not all juices are the same and there are a few which cannot be considered as pure juice. Some of these juices are:

  • Mixed fruit juices: the best dental care clinic center state that when you buy a mixed fruit juice drink for your kids you get nothing but a blend of pear, apple and a lot of sugar.  
  • Juice cocktails and drinks: This is no juice drink as mostly it is water and sweeteners added to just a small quantity of juice. 
  • Fruit Punch: The nutritional value of fruit punch is very low.

Watch out 100% fruit juices:

If you think that 100% fruit juices are great for you, you are again mistaken. The best dentist New Britain CT state that a glass of 100% cranberry, apple or grape has as much sugar as a glass of soda. Also, orange juice and vegetable juice has very little quantity of sugar. Feeding your child fresh fruit is way better than offering them a glass of juice.

How excessive juice consumption affects your dental health:

One of the most common causes of dental decay and cavities in kids is the excessive consumption of juice and sugary drinks. Sugar and acid are the key culprits behind dental problems and when you offer your kid a sugary drink, you expose him to these factors. While the acid works against the enamel of your teeth, the sugar content makes breeding grounds for the cavities. 

It is important to consult with your family dentist New Britain to get in-depth knowledge about kids' dental health. Besides avoiding juice consumption there are a lot of things that the dentist would suggest you to follow to maintain the healthy health of your kid's teeth. Your kid's teeth are the ground for its future teeth. You must ensure that he has a perfect and healthy gum line and a perfect smile.