Fixing gummy smile with quick and easy Crown Lengthening treatment

Fixing gummy smile with quick and easy Crown Lengthening treatment

Many of us are blessed with that smile that flashes more of our gums than the teeth. It is technically termed as a gummy smile is often not very much loved by the ones that have it. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, fixing a gummy smile is now easy and really quick. Yes, Crown Lengthening treatment has come up as an efficient treatment to fix gummy smiles say the best dentist in New Britain CT. In this blog, we have shared everything that you must know about Crown Lengthening treatment before you fix your gummy smile.

What is Crown Lengthening treatment?

The experts at the best dental care clinic center explain that crown lengthening treatment is a minor surgical procedure in which a dental surgeon cuts off or adjusts a part of the gum tissues to expose the underlying bone structure a little more. There are two primary reasons why dentists recommend crown lengthening treatment. It is done to expose the teeth in cases where gums are overly exposed, covering the majority of bone structure. Crown lengthening can also be done when the dentist is fixing teeth and there is a limited crown area to fit an artificial dental crown.

Procedure of crown lengthening:

When you visit the best dentist in CT, he would perform a dental exam to identify the scope of the dental procedure. If he offers you a go-ahead, the staff at the clinic would prepare you for the procedure and also give you a brief of the entire process. Local anesthesia is given to the patient before the procedure starts. The dentist will then cut off the excessive gum mass and expose the teeth. In case there is not enough enamel available on the tooth/ teeth, the dentist might add some tooth filling or composite masks. The time taken to successfully complete the procedure depends upon the number of teeth being treated.

Is crown lengthening treatment safe?

Yes, it is one of the safe and tested dental cosmetic treatment that has become very common nowadays. It allows you to tweak the imperfection in your smile perfectly. You must reach out to your family dentist CT to get a pre-examination done and get the details of whether or not you are the right candidate for the treatment. In most of the cases, crown lengthening treatment can be performed on anyone.

Crown lengthening treatment has become very popular as it offers great results. If you hesitate to smile because of those flashy gums, crown lengthening treatment is the best for you.