Things to know about post extraction care

Things to know about post extraction care

There are some people who are really scared of tooth extraction but no matter how scared you are at some point in time you may have to get your tooth extracted to get rid of the pain you are going through. There may be several reasons to get the tooth extracted, however, the most common reasons are tooth decay, infection or a crowded mouth. 

Tooth extraction is a painful process and thus dentists in New Britain usually give local anesthesia to numb that particular area from where the tooth has to be extracted. Tooth extraction may form a blood clot, and that is why dentists usually put a cotton gauge into the sockets from where the tooth has been removed to ensure that bleeding stops after a particular time. 

After an extraction your family dentist New Britain will send you back home for recovery but after coming back home you may feel discomfort. To reduce this discomfort and pain, here are certain tips that can help you post tooth extraction:

  • Eat something chilled as it helps in keeping down the swelling, also you can use ice packs to the affected area, at once you can apply ice for a maximum of 10 minutes. 
  • If you are feeling discomfort then take only prescribed pain killer. 
  • Try to minimize any physical activity, relax for at least 24 hours. 
  • Try not to eat anything till the time gauze is there, however even after that try to eat something which does not require hard bites like soup, yogurt or any other soft food. 
  • Keep changing cotton pads after 3 hours, else there can be chances of infection. Also, if blood has stopped coming from the socket you can remove the same. 
  • Try not to rinse or spit for another 24 hours, even if you have to do it gently else it can dislodge the blood clot from the socket. 
  • To avoid any infection, rinse your mouth with warm water diluted with salt. 
  • If in case your extraction required stitches then make sure to visit your dentist timely to avoid any further complication. 
  • Last but not least, do not smoke until the time healing is done properly. 

Permanent teeth are there to stay forever but at times you have to get rid of them. However, getting it done from a good dental care clinic center ensures that nothing can go wrong leaving no scope for post-extraction infection.