What is dental erosion, its causes, and treatment?

Dental erosion, its causes, and treatment

Dental erosion is a common problem and one of the primary causes of toothaches. Tooth enamel is a hard layer, outside of the sensitive tooth structure, which gives the teeth its appearance and structure. When this enamel is exposed to a lot of acids, the enamel starts eroding. The higher acid content you have in your saliva, the more it will harm your enamel. The best dentist in New Britain suggests that naturally the acid content in the saliva is neutralized with the free-flowing calcium content in the mouth. However, when you expose your mouth to highly acidic food items and drinks, the rate of erosion will be higher. 

What are the common symptoms of dental erosion?

Someone affected with tooth erosion may experience one or more of the below-mentioned symptoms:

  1. High tooth sensitivity and pain:

When you do not have enamel on your teeth, your teeth are exposed to hot and cold food items and thus more sensitive. You may also experience pain.

  1.  Yellowness:

 The teeth appear more yellow as most of the enamel is eroded, exposing the dentin.

  1. Transparency:

The dentist at the best dental care clinic center explains that when your enamel is eroded, the teeth may appear transparent at the biting edges.

  1. Cracks and dents:

One of the most common symptom of dental erosions is dents and cracks on the teeth. This happens when the enamel is completely lost or partially left on your teeth.

What is the treatment and repair procedure of dental erosion?

Besides maintaining a healthy dental routine and hygiene, which is brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day, you can also keep acidic food at bay. Acidic food is the most common reason for dental erosion. Also, visit your family dentist New Britain at least once every six months. The dentist would examine your teeth and suggest you the best way to maintain them healthy. The best Dentists also suggest that if you are fond of acidic and carbonated beverages, you must use a straw to prevent any exposure to the teeth.  

We all love a full teeth smile where the teeth are bright and pearl-white. Any compromise with your teeth can cause you a lot of pain because of dental erosion. Make sure you take the best care of your teeth and pay a regular visit to the dentist for complete dental check-up and consultation.