The Two O’s of Life - Oral Health and Overall Wellness

Good health is one of those goals every human want to set as their New Year Resolution. We carry on everything possible to maintain our health at its prime at all points of time. Right from exercising to Yoga regimes, we push ourselves towards achieving the health goal year on year. One aspect that even the most health-conscious human misses out most of the times is the oral health.


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Is Oral health such an important aspect of life?


This may appear a million dollar question when looked at from an ignorant angle. Let us understand in detail about our overall health and its direct association with the oral health.


-  Improper oral health acts as one of the main reasons for Heart attacks

-  Bad oral health leads to preterm labor

-  Improper oral health leads to poor maintenance of Diabetes Mellitus

-  Ignoring oral health for prolonged periods of time may sometimes even lead to stroke

-  When we fail to take proper care of our oral health we may end up in respiratory issues

-  Our oral health habits are directly related to Osteoporosis

-  Rheumatoid Arthritis is also said to be associated with oral health in a direct manner


Some simple oral health solutions for overall wellness


-  Brush twice a day

-  Never miss flossing your teeth. Flossing saves your gums from infections

-  Visit your Dentist in set periodicities

-  Do not ignore any symptoms like bleeding or pain in the teeth

-  Avoid eating junk food items or indulging in drinking and smoking

-  Do not use your teeth as tools to bite ice or any hard food items


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