4 signs you have gum disease and what to do about it

If you fathom that you might have gum disease, there might be a good reason for that. It has been estimated that nearly half of the U.S adult population are affected by the gum disease. The gum health is overlooked since we tend to focus more on tooth health and since the gum disease is painless, it obviously can go unnoticed. If you familiarise yourself with the gum disease symptoms, you can get better care immediately from a dental care clinic center if you develop a problem. Since early detection is considered to be the best bet, let us look at the below 4 signs which depict if you have gum disease or not.

  1. Bleeding Gums

There should be no bleeding in your gums when you brush and floss them. It has been notions that if you do not floss routinely, there can be bacteria build up below the gums which can cause your gums to bleed each time you floss.

  1. Sensitivity in teeth

Your teeth are telling you something if you sip a cool drink and it makes you wince. This symptom goes hand in hand with the shrinking gums. Since the gums are receding, the sensitive part of the tooth is vulnerable which causes sensitivity to teeth when it is exposed to cold air and water.

  1. Bad Breath

The millions of bacteria make a home in your nice, wet and warm mouth. These bacteria’s feed on the plaque, so the more of it implies the more feeding off on plaque. The bad breath can be a serious gum disease since bacteria releases toxins which can irritate the gums and also teeth and which results in a foul smell.

  1. Shifting Teeth

Has your smile been looking a little bit different lately? The gum disease can attack the bones which have been holding your teeth’s in place that makes them loose. The main cause is Periodontitis which can change the way your teeth fit together when you take a bite.

What can you do is that maintain good oral hygiene, and make sure to floss and brush every day in order to remove any harmful bacteria. You can also see your dentist in New Britain, CT, twice a year for any routine cleaning. But if you feel that you have the above symptoms then you should visit your family dentist in New Britain immediately.