6 important Tips to take care of Baby teeth

As soon as you see your child’s first teeth coming, it is your responsibility to take care of them. Dentist in New Britain, CT, says that while it is easy to ignore the primary teeth, taking care of these sets are as important as the grown-up teeth. Here are a few tips that every parent must know to offer the best oral care to their babies:

  1. Start ahead:

Oral hygiene is very important in babies, even before the teeth are out. You should wipe gums using a damp washcloth. Gently massage the gums to ensure proper growth. Youcan also buy a thimble to clean any excess food stuck in the gums.

  1. Pamper them as they come:

Dental care clinic center says that it is important for the parents to pamper the newly growing teeth. Most parents ignore the baby teeth considering that they aren’t of great importance as they would soon be placed by the permanent teeth. This practice should be stopped and the teeth should be cleaned and taken care of as soon as they come. It is important because the first teeth secure the imprints for the permanent ones.

  1. Fight cavities:

Discoloration and minor pitting are the two prominent signs of cavities in baby’s teeth. A primary reason of cavities is the stuck up food in the teeth. This can happen when the baby goes off to bed with a bottle in the mouth. As soon as you feel that the child has stopped feeding on the bottle, take it away.

  1. Start toothpaste as soon as they are 2

As soon as the kids are two, their teeth are big enough for brushing. Use a fluoride toothpaste and brush for those little pearls at least twice a day.

  1. Regulate the intake of Fluoride:

Make sure your baby is getting the right amount of fluoride, beneficial for her teeth. While you must be using fluoride free toothpaste, you must ensure that the baby is taking enough fluoride supplements to get the right amount of fluoride for her body. Ask the dentist for the right supplements, ideal for babies.

  1. Visit a dentist:

You must ensure that you visit your family dentist New Britain to get a thorough dental checkup for your child as well.