Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

When it comes to tooth fillings, the metal ones are effective in treating the dental cavities but they might lead to future dental problems. Tooth-colored fillings offer a safer outlook where this is offered by many dental care clinic centers. One can schedule a consultation with a dentist in order to see if the tooth-colored fillings are right for them or not. Your dentist might suggest you to go for this general dentistry service since it offers a lot of benefits to the patients like:

  1. A treatment quicker than ever

The tooth-colored filling procedure is not only quick but also painless. One or two cavities can be treated in less than an hour. The patient will be administered with a local anaesthetic during the treatment in order to numb the gums and teeth near the treatment area. The numbing sets in after 10 to 15 minutes and it is then that the treatment is begun by the dentist in New Britain, CT.

  1. Long lasting

The tooth-colored fillings can last for more than 10 years if the teeth, gums and fillings are properly taken care of.  You should make sure that you should brush your teeth twice a day, floss every day and go for a dental exam and cleaning for every six months.  Apart from this, you should stay away from bad dental habits like chewing on inedible objects like fingernails or pens and you should also evade from chewing ice or hard candies because all of these can dislodge or chip the fillings.

  1. A camouflaged look

The tooth-colored fillings blend in with the surrounding tooth structure, which is unlike the gold and silver amalgam filling of the past. Through this filling, no one can tell if you have a cavity or not.   You can laugh, yawn and speak all the way because all everyone will see is your beautifully camouflaged-filled white teeth.

  1. The tooth structure  will be left healthy and intact

The tooth-colored filling consists of composite resin that binds with the teeth. This implies that much of natural tooth structure will not have to be removed which is unlikely with gold fillings or silver amalgam. Through this, the cavity will be treated by your family dentist in New Britain more conservatively and the natural tooth structure will be well maintained.

  1. Zero mercury

If you want a mercury-free option, the tooth-colored filling is the best bet since silver amalgam fillings contain some amount of mercury which is considered to be a toxic material.