An Ultimate Guide for Complete Care for Baby Teeth

Kids grow up fast and the day arrives when the teething process starts. While the process itself is complex, caring for baby teeth right from the start is also stressful. Most parents do not understand the importance of teeth care in babies and often ignore proper dental hygiene for kids. However, an expert dentist in New Britain, CT recommends that child's teeth care is more important than caring for the teeth of an adult.

However, the lack of knowledge about child teeth care has resulted in rising dental decay problems in kids. Many parents even inquire about bad breath in their young kids. In this post, we have compiled teeth care guide for kids that suggests the best dental care routine for kids recommended by reputed dental care clinic center:

Brushing your toddler’s teeth:

As a parent, you may not have paid attention to your newborn's teeth but as soon as they put their first teeth, you need to be vigilant. Brushing is an important part of your child’s routine and it should start even before the teeth are visible. Start with wiping the gums daily with a gentle cloth. As your child welcomes its first tooth, buy a toothbrush specially designed for kids. It is gentler and has a shape that allows you to wear it on your finger to reach the inside of your baby’s mouth.

Until your baby reaches the age of 18 months, you should only use water and the brush to clean the mouth. This should be once in a day and as the child becomes used to of it; you may start brushing twice in a day.

After 18 months, you can start using fluoride free toothpaste made especially for kids.

Avoiding dental decay in kids:

To avoid dental decay stop feeding sugary, acidic and processed food to your child. Also, it is important to avoid bedtime feeding as soon as you can. Professional family dentist New Britain recommends encouraging your child to drink milk from a cup once he/she reaches the age of 12 months. Anything with highly-refined carbohydrates is the primary reason that can cause a dental decay in kids.

Timely care of your kid’s teeth can save your little one’s teeth. While you maintain a proper dental care routine for your kid, it is also important that you visit Dentist in New Britain, CT to ensure you are on the right way.