An Ultimate Guide on Dental Sealants; a Way To Keep Cavities Away

Even if you are brushing and flossing those teeth right, there are still chances of you contracting cavities. Despite following a vigorous dental care routine, some people are more prone to dental problems, especially cavities, than others.This may be because of the dental structure or shape but there isn’t any certain reason behind it. In case you are prone to such a risk, your Family Dentist New Britain will suggest using dental sealants. They are a preventive measure to ensure your teeth remains healthy lifelong. However, before you proceed for dental sealant it is important to know the basic facts about them,to wear them perfectly and reap the best benefits out of them.

Why do you need dental sealants?

Dental sealants are for all. Instead, they are recommended by the Dentist in New Britain, CT, to those who are prone to develop cavities. This includes teens,kids or kids with baby teeth. The molars in our mouth are the most susceptible area for cavities as the pit is where the food particles get trapped and bacteria germinate. Sealants are applied to the pits to seal it and prevent any collection of food and other debris. However,sealants are best effective when they are applied before any decay signs are noted.

Do sealants hurt?

The best thing about sealants is that they are painless. The expert at the Dental care clinic center use a resin type liquid and brush it to the teeth to seal the pit. Brushing makes the resin tighter and eventually, it sets on the pit. It is visually invisible and feels like your own teeth and no alien material. The entire procedure takes not more than a few minutes.

How long can I wear a sealant?

If you care for the sealant right, you can wear one sealant for as long as 10 years.Moreover, you do not have to take it off manually as with time, the sealants age and fall off gradually. But, any undue stress on the teeth or pricking of the pit can wear them off way before time.

Whenever you visit the dentist for a cleaning session, the dentist will check the fittings.You can get the best preventive care from cavities through sealants but it is important to note that they aren’t substitutes for a regular dental care routine.

Visit a Dentist in New Britain, CT and get your teeth checked for any risk of cavities.