Are you a breastfeeding mother? Here is what you must know about dental health.

Unlike before, mothers now are picky about whether or not to breastfeed the newborn. While breastfeeding offers a number of health benefits including boosting the immune system against infections and preventing the risk of asthma and SIDS, it also impacts the dental health of both, the baby and the mother. If you are a breast feeding mother, here are some important facts from professional Dentist in NewBritain, CT that you must know:

·     It is important to inform the dentist that you are breastfeeding:

In case you are visiting a Dental care clinic center to undergo some dental procedure, it is important to inform the dentist about your breastfeeding status. This is because there are medications used for sedation and other purposes during a procedure which might enter the baby’s system through the breastmilk. When the dentist knows that you are breastfeeding, they can use safe medications to avoid any side effects to you and the baby.

·     Breast milk is not related to cavities prevention in babies:

Unlike the common belief, a breastmilk fed baby cannot develop cavities like the one fed with formula, there is no direct relation between cavity prevention and breastmilk. There are certain amounts of sugar present in the breastmilk which might create a cavity if not taken care in time. You must start taking care of your child’s teeth as soon as possible.

·     One can continue breastfeeding the child even when they have put on teeth:

People might suggest you to stop breastfeeding once our child has grown teeth. However, as per the dentists, there is no such rule. You can feed your child as long as you feel comfortable, no matter they have grown their teeth or not.

·     A mother should take care of her own oral hygiene:

Motherhood is a tough time as a lot of responsibilities breaks over you. You might not get enough time to take care of your health, especially oral hygiene. Skipping the evening toothbrush and the flossing routine is very common in new mothers. However, this can affect your dental health and you might end up developing cavities and gum problem. These problems might transfer to your child while sharing some snacks or the same cutlery.

Every mother wants to see her child healthy in all aspect and dental health is critically important. You must visit your family dentist New Britain and consult about your as well as your child’s dental health.