Common Myths about dental care and aging

The best dental care clinic center report that there more myths than awareness about dental health. Often we overlook the need for care and treatment for our teeth. This becomes even more common when we are aging. Most of the tooth problems are often considered as a part of the aging process and thus, a simple problem becomes big in no time. If you too are living amid the myths, it is time that you debunk the myths and accepts the facts. Here are a few common myths related to dental care and aging that must be debunked ASAP:

Myth 1: Cavity is for young kids and not for adults.

Fact: There is no age for tooth decay, it can occur at any time of your life.

While most of us think that tooth decay and cavities are only for kids, the fact is that they affect the teeth of adults equally. The formation of plaque can take place anytime. This plaque creates a type of acid, which when not attended to in time, may affect the outer enamel of the teeth and create cavities in the teeth.

Myth 2: Gum diseases are a part of your aging process.

Fact: There are ways to prevent gum diseases and you should suffer from it just because you are aging.

Gum diseases are chronic and they affect the gums and the surrounding tissues that keep your tooth in place. Whenever you fail to take care of your teeth, plaque develops and secretes an acid which can cause gum diseases. Gingivitis and Periodontitis are two common types of gum diseases which can be treated with proper care, irrespective of the age.

Myth 3: When you age dry mouth is a common problem to deal with.

Fact: There is no relation between age and dry mouth.

Dentist in New Britain, CT state that there is no relation between the aging process and dry mouth condition. Dry mouth happens when your mouth fails to produce enough saliva or spit. The lack of saliva makes eating, chewing, talking, swallowing and drinking tough. One must consult a dentist and ask for the best treatment.

Myth 4: Oral Cancer is caused because of chewing tobacco only.

Fact: There are other contributory factors that cause Oral Cancer.

While smoking or chewing tobacco puts you at risk of developing oral cancer, there are other factors as well. Alcohol use or any injury that does not heal with time may grow cancerous.