Common signs that you need your wisdom tooth removed

Wisdom teeth are set at the end of our jaws and are our third set of pre-molars. The wisdom tooth appears in our jawline during late teens or in the early twenties of an individual. The jaw prepares itself for the new growth. For this, the teeth may shrink together and make room for the new growth. However, in most of the individuals, this adjustment doesn’t happen efficiently. This is the reason that wisdom teeth have to squeeze into a small space and cause trouble. The best dentist in New Britain, CT, states that the only treatment for such a condition, where wisdom tooth/ teeth make your mouth too crowded or cause pain, is extracting the tooth. 

Here are a few signs that indicate the condition when you need to get your wisdom tooth removed:


One of the first signs of wisdom tooth misplacement or problem is overcrowding in the mouth. You can also experience a shift in the teeth that were once straight. Your tooth can also shift in front of each other, cause gum problems and pain and also lead to infections.


Another sign that you need to get your wisdom teeth pulled is a constant pain in the jaw. You will feel a dull, aching pain in your jaws that remains persistent. 


The best dental care clinic center entertains a number of patients that complaint about sensitivity in their teeth. You must know that sensitivity can be an outcome of wisdom teeth growth.

Impacted teeth:

Some of the additional problems that indicate wisdom tooth removal are crooked wisdom teeth. In certain cases, because of the lack of space in the mouth, the teeth grow in an angle or usually in the opposite direction of the rest of the teeth. This causes pain, tenderness, swelling, gum infections, and other problems. In such a condition, expert medical care is advised as soon as possible.

Wisdom tooth surgery- the best option:

In case the wisdom tooth problem is severe, your family dentist New Britain will advise you a dental surgery. The doctor will make a cut on your gums to allow crooked teeth to grow easily. This will help you avoid the painful experience and have wisdom teeth grow easily.

If you are growing wisdom teeth, you must visit your dentist and ask them for any preventive care right away!