Dental Braces: What’s the right age for children?

While dental braces are a blessing for children with teeth alignment problems, parents often suffer from the dilemma of knowing the right age to get braces for their child. Expert Dentist in New Britain, CT state that it is a complicated question and there isn’t any unanimous theory to apply for every child. The teeth settings differ from one child to another and there is no one size fits all program available to fulfill the braces requirements. Moreover, the right age for getting braces would also differ from one child to another.

So, how do you get to know the right age?

There is a huge disparity when it comes to the right age to get braces for your child. Reaching out an expert orthodontist and availing an orthodontic screening is one way to get the right answer. Orthodontists are the experts who specialize in determining and treating the problems with face and teeth in individuals. They are the best person to contact, to know what should be the right age for braces.

As per the expert dental care clinic, as soon as the child attains the age of 7 years, he/she must be analyzed for the first time. The most common circumstance where you must get early screening for your child includes:

  • When there are excessive teeth and you can see overcrowding
  • This is the case when the upper and lower front teeth cannot meet each other, commonly known as an open bite
  • Overbite condition where upper teeth protrude past the lower teeth
  • A similar condition in reverse, underbites, is when the lower teeth protrude past the upper teeth
  • Crossbites refer to a grave condition, here the upper and lower jaw fail to line up

The experts suggest that the best time to begin the dental braces treatment for children is between the age of 8 and 14. This age frame helps the experts to take important interceptive and preventive measures to offer your child the best care, which also get boosted due to the developmental years.

Why should you avail Orthodontic screening?

An orthodontic screening at the right time- at 7 years of age is beneficial for the child. Here are some of the major advantages that one can enjoy:

  • It helps the dentists decide the best long-term treatment option
  • It is the right time to identify the oral problems
  • It is a tender stage and the right time to guide the teeth to braces.