Different types of dental surgeries you must know about

Dental surgery is a very broad term that includes a lot of medical procedures. When you visit a dental care clinic center, the dentist would analyze our dental health to find out what type of treatment you need. In case you are dealing with severe dental problems, the dentist would suggest surgery. As important as it is to maintain your dental health, it is equally important for an individual to know about the various dental surgical procedures that they might need at some time or other. In this article, we will discuss the different types of dental surgeries and when they are required:

Types of dental surgeries:

As stated above, dental surgeries are of different types and here are a few common ones:

  1. Endodontic Surgeries:

Root Canal Treatment: This is the most common type of surgery which is advised when you have a rotten tooth with infected pulp and root. The procedure takes a few hours and has quick recovery time. Root canal treatment is of three types:

Pulpotomy: This is a preliminary treatment of the root canal. In this treatment, the dentist works on the tooth, primarily the pulp chamber and drain all the infection out of the tooth.

Pulpectomy: This process involves removal of the pulp in the tooth which helps in suppressing the temporary pain.

Apicoectomy: It is a root-end resection wherein the dentist removes the root of the tooth, known as Apex. The expert dentist in New Britain, CT will also work on removing the infection completely off the tooth.

  1. Prosthodontics:

A rather common treatment nowadays, Prosthodontics includes a range of treatments that are executed to offer better visual appearances. Such procedures include:

Crowns: Also known as caps, these are artificial covers for a decaying or damaged tooth. There are a variety of caps available in the market made of different material including CMC/PMC (ceramic/porcelain metal composite), gold or a tin/aluminum mixture and more.

Veneers: They are quite similar to crowns but with the only difference that they cover the front side of the teeth only.

Implant: Dental implants are very popular and a great solution to lost teeth. They are artificial fixtures planted on the jaw bone over which artificial tooth crowns are placed.

Dentures: If you have lost more than one tooth, dentures are a fix for your problem. Dentures are a set of tooth which can be fixed in your palatal surface.