Do you know your teeth: understanding the structure of your tooth?

Have you ever bothered to ask your family Dentist CT about the structure of your teeth? The part of your body which is so useful to you is actually a complicated composition, which has several smaller components combined, making it a perfect tool for biting, chewing and keeping your smile perfect. If you haven’t, we are sharing a lot of information about the structure of your tooth, which you should know, in order to keep your teeth in perfect shape.

Here is the complete structure of a tooth explained by expert Dentist in New Britain, CT for the knowledge of the patients:

A tooth is made of two different parts - the crown and the root. What you see in your mouth is the crown and what keeps it erect the way it is, is known as root. The shapes of the crown are different, depending upon its function. However, these two parts of the teeth are further made of a range of parts including:

Enamel: It is the hardcover around the crown that you see from your naked eyes. Although enamel is considered as the hardest substance in the body yet it may decay when there is improper care of the teeth.

Dentine: this is the second most common substance that makes the tooth. It isn’t as tough as enamel and once the enamel is lost, it becomes exposed, increasing the sensitivity.

Pulp: The pulp is at the core of the teeth and is responsible for the supply of blood and nerve. It occupies a significant space in the tooth and expands from the top of the crown to the edge of the root, further connecting with the nerve and blood cells. The pulp is responsible for tooth sensitivity.

Cementum: It is the layer that covers the root of the tooth, it looks like bone and enamel, but isn’t that hard.