Everything you Need to Know about Tooth Abscess

Dentist in New Britain, CT claim that many patient approach them with the problem of aching jaws. In most of the cases,these patients aren’t aware of the reasons behind such critical pain that they are experiencing. In clinical term, a sharp pain the jaw can be because of tooth abscess. It is basically a condition where a dental infection becomes severe and affects the dental bone. The bacterial infection affects the dental bone and a pocket of pus is formed in the jawbone. While there are two different types of tooth abscess- periapical and periodontal, there are more cases of periapical are reported. A dental infection when gets unnoticed for along duration, it leads to a problem.

Symptoms of jaw pain because of dental infection:

Dental care clinic center categorize a number of symptoms that highlight the issue of jaw pain because of dental infection or Tooth abscess:

·       #1 A persistent,severe toothache that spreads all along the jaw bone to the ear and down the neck.

·       #2 Highly sensitive teeth for hot and cold food

·        #3 High temperature

·        #4 Swelled gums,facial tissues

·        #5 Pain or sensitivity while chewing

·        #6 Swelled lymph nodes in the neck

·        #7 The Release of salty liquid with a foul smell and taste in the mouth cavity

What are the possible causes?

The primary reason for a tooth abscess is the invasion of bacteria into the dental pulp. The dental infection that first affects the teeth, and later enters the gum through a chip, crack or a cavity, contract with the soft dental pulp which results in swelling, pain,and inflammation.

If you are not taking proper care of your dental hygiene- not brushing your teeth and flossing them in a routine- you are prone to the problem of a dental abscess. Also, consuming a high sugary diet can also affect the health of your teeth and cause severe infection that leads to jaw pains.

How to prevent tooth abscess?

The best way to prevent tooth abscess is to follow a proper oral hygiene regime. You can avoid abscess by avoiding tooth decay. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

·        #1 Regularly brush and floss your teeth.

·        #2 Do not drink high-fluoride drinking water.

·        #3 Change your toothbrush in every four months.

·        #4 Visit family dentist New Britain every six months.

Tooth abscess or jaw pain because of dental infection can be severe and can lead to serious complications. It is important to prevent it in the first place. If not, you must visit a dentist as soon as you spot any sign of the problem.