How a Keto diet affects your oral health?

If you do not know what Keto Diet is, you must be living under the rock. There are lots of testimonials all over the online space that quote how effective this diet is in losing weight. However, the effects of the Keto diet on your oral health are less talked about. As enticing as the praises of the keto diet can be, there are some gore truths about Keto diet’s effects on oral health that might ring the alarm.

Keto diet and oral health:

Keto diet promotes very low carbs and a diet full of fat. It also says no to sugar which is loved by the best dentist in New Britain CT. while all the aspects of Keto diet are worth loving, one particular aspect that establishes a connection between Keto Diet and your oral health is Keto Breath.

Keto breath is when your mouth smells all fruity or high acetone smell. To the more, when you have bacteria in your mouth, the breath can become more unpleasant and is normally referred to as Dragon breath. In most cases, the smell means that your diet is showing results but it is always embarrassing to have this bad breath as you engage with people socially. 

What causes Keto Breath?

Keto breath is a side effect of a condition where the human body fails to utilize all the ketones produced by the liver. The body starts fuelling the brain and body with these ketones and can be stated to be in a keto-adapted condition. Luckily, you do not have to bear smelling fruity for, long-time as in most of the cases the smell goes away in a week or months time.

Can I prevent Keto breath?

If you are wondering whether or not you can prevent Keto breath the answer is yes you can. The only way to keep the fruity smell away from your mouth is by paying attention to your oral habit. The best dental care clinic centers report that several patients come to them to ask about getting rid of the keto breath. Here are a few tips for that:

  • Stay hydrated:

By drinking a lot of water, you promote the functionality of your liver and cast away more and more ketones. Moreover, a well-hydrated mouth makes more saliva which means no bad odor.

Visit the dentist:

Pay a timely visit to your family dentist in New Britain and ask them for any possible oral health condition. When combined with any oral disease Keto breath can become very unpleasant.

So, now as you rely on the Keto diet for losing weight, do not forget to kill the bad breath and stay impressive always.