How important is dental deep cleaning for your teeth

Our dental health is the gateway to the good health of the overall body. Often, you must have noticed stains, excursions and bleeding spots on your teeth. Such dental impurities demand dental cleaning by a professional Dentist in New Britain. Although, the time of such occurrence can be delayed to a great extent by following proper dental hygiene practices, but an annual checkup is important to keep a check on any sort of impurities and decay of the tooth.

What is deep cleaning?

Dental deep cleaning is a well-known dental treatment that your family dentist New Britain would recommend you whenever deemed necessary. In proper medical terms, it is known as “root scaling and planning” and has been included in the dental procedures. The dentist or hygienist uses a range of dental tools and equipment to clean the teeth, make the roots smooth, eliminate plaque and prevent further production and accumulation of it.

A normal deep cleaning process can take anywhere between 30-45 minutes which results in a cleaner mouth comprising all parts upper left, upper right, lower left, or lower right. Depending on the condition of your mouth, your dentist might recommend you one or many dental cleaning sittings.

Is dental cleaning important?

Yes, when a dentist recommends you to get a dental cleaning treatment, it means that there is some underlying problem that needs expert attention and cleaning. It becomes more important if you are suffering from any advanced gum diseases. If you have Gingivitis, a harmful bacteria develops in the plaque accumulated in your gums and teeth which releases toxins in the openings of the gums. When the toxin level crosses the borderline, you start feeling the inflammatory sensation, which can become mild to severe in a few hours. For gingivitis, the dentist usually prescribes one to two dental deep cleaning sittings.

However, in case you are suffering from an advanced stage of gum diseases such as periodontitis, you need immediate help and several sittings. In case you miss seeking professional help during this period, you may need to get your teeth pulled out to prevent further gum and bone decay.

By availing the deep cleaning treatment or Root scaling and planning treatment at the right time, you can halt the progressive stage of your gum disease. Once the dentist performs the deep cleaning, the gums start healing and are completely healthy and sealed within six to eight weeks.