How important it is to prevent cavities in children

According to recent studies conducted by centers for disease control and prevention, the most common chronic disease amongst children is tooth decay and cavities. Approximately 40% of children have cavities during their baby teeth only and approximately 20% of children encounter such problem with their permanent teeth. These figures are surely alarming and require immediate attention. It is really important to take your child for a regular dental check-up to your family dentist New Britain.

To make sure that the oral health of your child remains good, there are certain things which must be taken care of really well. So for all of you,  after a lot of brain-storming and consulting best of the dentist in New Britain, here is the preventive program that can help you to prevent cavities in your child:

  • Start from day one: The process of maintaining good oral health starts from the day the baby is born. Don’t want till your baby starts teething process. For a newborn baby use a moist and soft gauze pad to clean your baby’s gum, make sure to do it every time after feeding. As your baby starts growing, assist him with brushing his teeth, till the age of right a child is not capable enough to brush his teeth properly. Also, to achieve the utmost good health floss your child’s teeth once in a day to avoid any leftover food.
  • Start early dentist visit: As a parent, we often defer visit of our child to dental care clinic center. As per the American Academy of ediatric dentistry, you must plan your child's visit to the dentist before he turns one.  You can ask all sort of questions regarding his growth and development of teeth. You can also ask about pacifiers and fluorides.
  • Healthy habits: From the very starting try to inculcate healthy food habits in your child. Try not to give him anything sticky, acid or sweet. However, it is really difficult to keep children away from all such things, in that scenario, you must make your child habitual of brushing teeth twice a day and in case he eats something sticky make sure he brushes the teeth after a meal.