How to brush correctly

Teeth tended the right way can take your oral health a long way. It is important to brush and clean between the teeth since it can remove plaque. One should brush twice a day where the toothbrush should be replaced every 3 to 4 months. But when it comes to brushing, what is the right way? It is said that proper brushing takes at least two minutes i.e. 120 seconds. 

Below are the five steps on how you should correctly brush your teeth

  1. The toothpaste amount should be pea sized
  2. You should aim your toothbrush at 45-degree angle which is towards the gum line
  3. There should be a gentle circular motion on the teeth
  4. You should repeat it on the inside of the surface
  5. On the chewing surface, there should be light back and forth motion used
  6. You should brush your tongue too for a fresh breath
  7. Finish it up with a rinse where you can use water or your choice of mouthwash. 

What type of toothbrush should you use?

The dental professionals have made a notion that a soft-bristle brush is the best since it can remove debris and plaque from your teeth in a better way. A brush with small-head is also preferred since it can reach the areas of your mouth in a better way which includes hard-to-reach back teeth. A powered toothbrush is also a good alternative since it can do a  better job of cleaning teeth.  

The dentist in New Britain CT usually recommend that you should brush your teeth before going to bed since the naturally-occurring bacteria which resides in your mouth will feed on the food residue in your mouth when you are asleep. This will result in decay, weakened enamel, cavities, and plaque formation. 

It has also been made a notion that you should visit your family dentist in New Britain every six months. But people who have a higher risk of dental disease should visit the dental care clinic center every three or four months so that their oral health can be taken care of.   

Brushing teeth is vital for good dental health which is especially with a westernized diet. Using a mouth tape or demineralizing diet is also important but brushing teeth the right way is the best tool for your arsenal since it prevents and reverses the tooth decay.