How your Genes can cause your dental problems?

If your parents had poor dental health, the chances are high that you might also suffer from the same concerns. There is a lot that travels with a gene from your parent to you, including dental problems. The expert dentist in New Britain CT state that these dental concerns don’t just come from the bad habits we acquire from our parents but are deep-rooted in our genes. In this article, we will discuss some hereditary conditions related to teeth and gums that you can get from your parents:

1-   Tooth decay

If you are suffering from tooth cavities at a very early age, it might be because your ancestors had it. As per dental care clinic center reports, variations of the gene beta-defens in 1 (DEFB1) expose you a greater risk of cavities. An effective way to treat this condition is using sealants and fluoride treatments. However, in case of serious problems, you may need other treatments.

2-   Periodontal disease:

This is the most common type of dental condition that travels through the gene. It can be identified by sensitive and inflamed gums, it results in tooth decay and when left unattended, it might end up in severe gum damage and bone loss.

3-   Oral Cancer:

A number of individuals die an unfortunate death because of oral cancer. While the major cause of oral cancer is poor lifestyle choices including tobacco, smoking, and others, genetically transmitted variation might also play a minor role. Some people might be more exposed to oral cancer because of the setting of their genes.

4-   Cleft lip or cleft palate:

Cleft lip or cleft palate is a birth condition wherein the lip or the cleft palate doesn’t fuse properly. This s a genetic disorder that primarily occurs in Asian, Latino and Native American descent.

5-   Misaligned teeth:

If you notice closely, you will find that you aren’t the only one to wear braces in your family. Misaligned teeth or jawline is a genetically run problem which can result in crowding, gaps, overbites and underbites.

Most of these conditions are easily treatable by contacting your family dentist New Britain. So, if you see your parents with any dental problem, you must take preventive measures for your dental health as you are at a high risk of developing some of those implications.