Perfect Brushing and Flawless Flossing Techniques

Oral pain is incredibly distracting, and we’ve all spent some time searching our mouths for the guilty tooth. Until the tooth is treated or removed entirely, there’s no relief! This is why oral health is of the utmost importance. There is no toothbrush in this world capable of removing all the tartar and debris we have accumulated after a few months of eating and drinking. OM Dental LLC is a dentist in New Britain, CT who can help you clean your teeth and take care of all sorts of oral issues. OM Dental LLC, the best family dentist in New Britain, will guide you to perfect brushing and flawless flossing techniques. Let’s look at some of the best brushing and flossing strategies!

The proper way to brush your teeth

Why do we brush our teeth? Because we want to remove the debris, food particles, and bacteria from the surface of the teeth. You have to brush your teeth correctly if you want to actually remove these things. Regular brushing -every day, twice a day – will help you maintain excellent oral health.

• Hold your toothbrush near the spot where the teeth and gums join at a 45-degree angle.

• Brush the teeth and gum line gently with circular motions.

• Don’t apply too much force to the tooth or gums. Too much pressure can cause pain and damage.

• Make sure to brush all sides of the tooth: the chewing surface, the side near your cheek, and the side near your tongue.

• Brush the chewing surface with a back-and-forth motion.

The proper way to floss your teeth

One of the biggest causes of oral health problems is plaque formation in between the teeth. Plaque forms easily in those areas between your teeth and causes all sorts of damage. Regular flossing is the only way to get rid of the plaque in those hard to reach places. Thankfully, flossing is very simple. To be effective, it needs to be done daily. Here are some proper flossing techniques.

• Measure approximately 18 inches of floss.

• Wrap each end of the floss string around the middle fingers on both hands.

• Hold the floss string tightly with a 2-3 inch gap between your fingers.

• Run the floss between each tooth.

• Gently move the floss up and down.

• Repeat until all the debris between your teeth has been removed.

• Avoid pushing the floss in and out from between the teeth. This can cut your gums and cause inflammation.

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