Prevent dental problems and keep smiling when you get older

It is a strong notion that gums, teeth and the rest of the cavity require a lot of care and attention if you require them to stay healthy in the future. Since the dental condition has become common in the elderly, there are said to be many misconceptions which are around our teeth and aging. It is a myth that losing teeth as one age is a common part of getting older.  

If you take care of your teeth better, you are not only looking after your oral health but also the rest of the body. If there is long-term mismanagement of your oral cavity, it can result in bleeding gums (gingivitis) which can further lead to deterioration of the structure which is said to be the foundation of your mouth. This will further lead to tooth loss in old age. You can follow the below rules in order to keep your pretty smile intact. 

  1. A cut down on wear and tear

Although your teeth are strong, the considerable amount of grinding, chewing, and biting can wear down the enamel of your teeth. Although you cannot erase the wear and tear of a lifetime, without the help of your family dentist in New Britain, you can keep it from getting worse. It is recommended that you should not chew on ice or any other hard foods which can cause a broken tooth or chip in the enamel. 

  1. Gums should be kept healthy

The plaque, which is a bacterium, is always forming on your teeth. If you will not remove it, it can cause swelling, soreness, and bleeding in the gums. It can also cause infections that can damage the bone underneath. Your dentist in New Britain, CT, can treat the gum disease which is called periodontitis. It can harm your bones and gums if it is left unchecked. 

  1.  The mouth shouldn’t be dried out

Saliva protects your mouth from decay and helps to keep the teeth clean. But since you are getting older, your mouth tends to get drier and the odds of the tooth decay can go up. Medication is the one to be blamed since a lot of drugs can dry your mouth out. In order to fight it back, you should drink a lot of water. If you contemplate that the drugs are the cause, you can talk to a dentist from the dental care clinic center about changing them.