Protect Your Teeth During Cold Season

The decrease in the mercury level also affects your teeth significantly. Just like the rest of the body, the teeth feel the cold and might sustain some damage if not taken proper care. Moreover, with all the diseases and ailments like flu and cold infecting your body in winter, you need to be focused to ensure you do not offer additional breeding ground to bacteria. A healthy mouth is a gateway to a healthy body and thus, it is important to pay attention to your oral health. Here we have compiled some tips to maintain your teeth this winter as recommended by Expert Dentist in New Britain, CT:

No matter what, follow your daily routine:

Winter brings a lot of diseases. You might have a sore throat, an aching body, a pounding head or more. Amid all these ailments, getting out of the bed and running your daily routine is the dreariest task. However, as per the family dentist in New Britain, this is the biggest mistake you can ever make. You need to stick to your daily oral hygiene routine and make sure there is no scope of tartar development.

Pay attention to what you eat:

Winter is the season for party, festivities and delectable preparation. While you enjoy the holiday season, make sure you do not play with the health of your teeth.All the sugary and acidic food that you consume during the winter season actually affects your dental health. Make sure you eat vigilantly and keep the sugar levels in your mouth control. The sugar found in the food can affect your enamel and make your teeth sensitive to the cold.

Treat your diseases the sugar-free way:

God forbid if you contract some disease this winter, ensure you take sugar-free medication. Just like sugary food,medicines with high sugar levels can also affect your teeth. Most of the times the cough drops you use for treating your cough is sugar based and hard on your teeth. Ask the pharmacist to give you sugar-free medicine.


One of the common symptoms of the flu is nausea and vomit. All the bile collected in the stomach finds its way out through the mouth. When you vomit, some residue of the acid sits back in your dental cavity. If not cleaned in time, this residue can affect your dental health significantly. Dental care clinic center recommends rinsing and gargling more often in a winter season.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a healthy mouth and teeth during winter.