Root Canal Procedure: Treating your Infected Tooth

Tooth decay is a common problem affecting kids and adults alike. While there are many reasons that cause tooth decay, most of them can be treated in early stages. Sadly, once progressed the conditions become so severe that dentist in New Britain, CT has to prescribe critical treatments including Root Canal Treatment. Also known as RC, Root Canal Treatment is a unique procedure that is performed by an expert over a decaying tooth. It is prescribed in case of severe tooth decay or if the tooth has tapered an infection.

What is root canal?

There is a natural cavity at the end of every tooth. This is what enables a tooth to feel different sensations like hot, cold or any other extreme condition. When this cavity becomes infected, the sensitiveness of the pain increases. Moreover, the patient can experience sharp pain in the tooth as well as the gums. To treat such conditions, a dentist has to operate the tooth cavity and scoop out all the pulp and nerves. The cavity is then cleaned and sealed to avoid any further decay. Let us discuss this procedure in detail:

Root Canal Treatment Procedure:

Expert Dental care clinic center perform the root canal treatment in one sitting. However, if the condition is severe, the dentist may suggest you a few more settings. The sitting can be anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes long. Root Canal treatment, however, is painless.

Step 1:

A local anesthesia will be given to the tooth which is affected by the infection,

Step 2:

The endodontist will check the tooth for numbness and as soon as the tooth loses its sensation, the endodontist would use a drill machine to make a hole on the crown of the tooth. The hole will allow the dentist to reach the core of the teeth which has the pulp stored. In case of a front tooth, the hole is drilled from behind of the tooth.

Step 3:

The dentist would now clean the affected area and scoop out all the pulp, using special equipment. All the tissues that are removed in this procedure are infected or dead.

Step 4:

Once the pulp is removed, the canal is thoroughly cleaned using disinfectants.

Step 5:

The canal, once cleaned, is filled with gutta-percha a special root canal filling and sealed.

Step 6:

Gutta-percha is temporarily sealed with a cap until a crown or cap is placed on the tooth. Finally, the crown is sealed to its place to stay permanently there.

The entire procedure demands expert skills and hence must be done under the supervision of an expert Family Dentist in New Britain. For more details, visit us at Om Dental LLC.