Smile bright with no alcohol

Alcohol is not just a risk to your liver and other internal organs, but it can have a huge impact on your oral health as well. Studies indicate that alcohol consumption can result in tooth decay, mouth sores, and gum diseases, and worst-case scenario even in oral cancer. If you find yourself facing teeth or other oral issues, you can approach the nearest Dental care clinic center well known for treating these issues.

How alcohol impacts teeth?

Om Dental LLC, a leading family Dentist, New Britain, specializes in handling different dental issues, including the negative impacts of alcohol on your teeth. Let us take a look at how alcohol can affect your teeth and your oral health.

  1. High sugar: It is a well-known fact that the intake of sugar can result in tooth decay. Bacteria thrives on the sugar we intake in the form of sweets and sweet drinks. Alcoholic drinks like wine, champagne, etc. are known to have high sugar levels, which can easily cause tooth decay, among other issues. If you have tooth decay or other problems, consult the nearest dental clinic immediately.
  2. Stained teeth: Drinks with deeper hues like red wine can easily leave stain marks on your teeth. Prolonged consumption of alcohol can result in permanent discoloration of your teeth. So if you are looking for a bright white smile, then pay extra attention to what you drink. Seek help from dentist in New Britain, CT, for any issues on the discoloration of teeth and get your smile back.
  3. Saliva reduction: You might wonder why a decrease in saliva could be an issue. You couldn’t be more wrong. When the saliva is on the low, the bacteria stay on the enamel and increases the chances of tooth decay and can even end up in dehydration.

If there is plaque building or any other kind of tooth issue, get in touch with your dentist in New Britain. Alcohol can result in higher plaque levels resulting in permanent tooth loss, which can be cured with proper treatment.

If you want to keep your teeth healthy, then you have to make sure to 

  • Avoid or reduce the intake of alcohol.
  • Increase the intake of water
  • Ensure that you brush and floss regularly.
  • Pay regular visits to the nearest dental clinic for regular checkups.

Keep your smile healthy and perfect by saying no to alcohol.