Strain the Stains for Brighter Teeth

Is there any human being who wants to look ugly? In reality, each one of us wants to maintain our good looks spending time and efforts in all possible ways. Our face matters the most in the beautification act. We carry bright smiles all around since smile is that powerful tool that creates positive relationships. However, we hesitate to smile when we feel our teeth look stained. Dentist in New Britain, CT offers easy and effective solutions for stained teeth related issues. This family dentist New Britain ensures you get back your lovely smile by removing the stains in your teeth completely.


Stained Teeth or Tooth Discoloration


Our teeth get stained and undergo a color change for various reasons. Let us look at some such reasons that discolor our teeth making our smile an object of laughter.

- People have it in their genes. Discolored teeth may be due to heredity

- Eating food items like Blackberries, Beetroot, Blueberries, Cherries that are dark in nature discolors teeth

- Improper brushing habits

- Excessive Smoking

- Drinking dark beverages like Tea, Cola, Coffee and Red Wine

- Thinning of enamel due to the natural aging process


Precautions to follow to avoid getting your teeth discolored


Below given tips aim to help you avoid getting stained teeth so you can flaunt a bright and attractive smile.

- Ensure you brush your teeth after you consume meal times

- Clean your teeth with water whenever you consume a dark drink

- Seek periodical help from Dental professionals who will clean the stains without a trace

- Swish twice a day using a good quality mouthwash so you can keep away harmful bacteria from your teeth

- Ensure you floss at least once a day and brush after every meal

- Avoid straining your teeth biting hard substances since wear and tear experienced by the enamel causes teeth to get discolored


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