Thumb Sucking and Teeth Problems

Toddlers develop many queer habits one among the same being thumb sucking. Many little ones suck their thumb to feel psychologically secured while many love the soothing feeling the habit offers. The above may be a couple of advantages of thumb sucking in particular for babies. However, the habit of thumb sucking brings about teeth related problems in Toddlers when not attended to on time. One of the best dentists in New Britain, CT offers perfect solutions to babies who suffer from teeth problems caused by thumb sucking. Get in touch with the best family dentist in New Britain to get rid of teeth problems that arise due to thumb sucking.

Teeth problems caused by thumb sucking habit

Thumb sucking habit creates many sorts of teeth issues in children. Let us have a detailed look at the teeth related issues babies suffer when they fall into the habit of thumb sucking.

- Teeth alignment gets affected

- Formation of lisp affects the jaw bone position

- Infection formation due to germs travelling inside the body from the thumb affects the overall health

- The roof inside the mouth becomes highly sensitive causing new issues

- Many long issues related to teeth arise apart from the short terms issues experienced

- Thumb sucking causes damage to the development and health of the permanent teeth 

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