Tips for brushing teeth if you have braces on

Wearing braces is a challenge, it may have a great after results but it comes with its share of problems. Brushing teeth with braces on can pose a great difficulty but you have to ensure that your teeth and gums are properly cleaned. If not cleaned properly brackets, bands, wires and tiny spaces in between can become home of bacteria.

According to a Dentist in New Britain, CT  care of oral health becomes more important if you wear braces. Regular and after every meal brushing becomes really important. Even if you don't have access to your toothbrush after every meal, it is recommended to rinse your mouth thoroughly with plain water. With braces on you are already going through a lot of pain and with tooth decay, you would not want another pain of RCT.

For all such people who are having difficulty in brushing teeth with braces on, here are some tips as recommended renowned dental care clinic center:

  • Right toothbrush: For effective and smooth brushing of teeth with braces on, you need to choose the right kind of toothbrush. Usual toothbrush won't work for braced teeth. You need to buy the gentle and soft-bristled brush that won't be too harsh on your gums and metal brackets. There are specific toothbrushes designed specifically for teeth with braces. Bristles are placed at a specific angle to remove all the debris and sticky food from the gaps between the braces.
  • Right Toothpaste: Usual kinds of toothpaste are good enough for the mouth with braces, but toothpaste that contains fluoride is highly recommended. It helps to prevent any kind of damage to braces or to teeth. It helps to make the mouth more resilient towards sugar and acidic food. As far as mouth wash is concerned, one must have enamel-strengthening fluoride to decrease the chances of gum inflation.
  • Don't over brush: As said by most of the doctors that brushing teeth multiple times is really very important if you have braces on, but at the same time it is also important to ensure that you don't over brush. Abrasion from toothbrush can lead to swollen gums which can be really painful with braces.

Replace your brush: Usually, as well it is recommended to replace your brush after every 3 to 4 months, but you need to be particular about the same if you are wearing braces. Most of the family dentist New Britain recommend replacing brush once in a month.