Tips for Dental Hygiene and Fresh Breath

Oral hygiene is very important for your health and maintaining fresh breath is a key to a bright social presence. If your peers or friends are cornering you because your mouth smells foul, you must be facing a quite an embarrassment. Moreover, bad breath is an outcome of poor dental hygiene, which also makes your body doomed for amplitude of diseases. 

To make sure you have a bright smile, healthy body and fresh breath, here are a few tips for dental hygiene and fresh breath to follow, diligently:

#1 Watch what you are eating and drinking:

In most of the cases, poor oral hygiene and bad breath is an outcome of poor eating and drinking habits. Food items like ginger, garlic, onions and other sugary food items make your mouth smell fouls. Moreover, there are rich in acids and sugars which accumulate in the mouth and develop plaque. Beverages like coffee, tea or sodas also contribute to bad breath and oral issues.

#2 Maintain a strict brushing regime:

Brushing and flossing are the two keys to proper oral dental hygiene. You need to brush twice a day followed with flossing the teeth. Expert Dentist in New Britain, CT recommend a full 2 minutes brushing and flossing session for eliminating bad breath and oral impurities.

#3 Use mint:

Mint is one of the natural and most powerful ingredients that help you keep your mouth fresh. Additionally, it has a powerful juice that cleanses the mouth and washes away all the impurities that you have collected over the time and which contributes to poor oral conditions.

#4 Do not forget your tongue:

While most of us clean our teeth diligently, not many pay important to tongue cleaning. A dirty tongue is a site where bacteria and germs grow and make grounds for cavities and smells. You must regularly clean your tongue using a tongue cleaner.

#5 Check your toothbrush:

Using a toothbrush for a long time can also affect your oral hygiene. You must buy a brush that is made bespoke for your dental needs and change it frequently. The recommended time is once every 1.5 months.

#6 Visit your family dentist New Britain

A regular checkup from your family dentist in New Britain is what helps you keep your dental health up-to-date. The doctor will check for any impurities accumulation, cavities or other issues and raise alarm for any grave condition.

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