Tips for Preventing Plaque

Plaque is one of the most common dental problems. A lot of different things can cause plaque, and everyone is affected by it. A basic oral hygiene routine can help us avoid plaque, as well as healthy eating habits.

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What Is Plaque? How Is It Formed?

When we eat and drink, a sticky, film-like coating forms on the surface our teeth. This coating contains sugars. Over time, bacteria form and use these sugars to produce acid on the tooth surface. This acid erodes the tooth surface and creates holes!

We can prevent plaque if we take proper care of our teeth. Here’s a list of the best ways to keep your teeth healthy and plaque-free.

Tips for Preventing Plaque

Use these tips daily to help prevent plaque.

• Use toothpaste with fluoride regularly to help prevent plaque. Get in touch with OM Dental, dentist in New Britain, CT to learn which toothpastes have the correct levels of fluoride

• Avoid drinking bottled water. Instead, drink tap water to keep the plaque away.

• After every meal, eat a piece of hard cheese. This will prevent the bacteria from settling on the surface of your teeth.

• Rinse your mouth with clean water after meals to get rid of the material that settles on the tooth surface.

• Avoid junk food and go for snacks made of crunchy vegetables and fruits.

• Limit or avoid drinking alcohol, sports drinks, wine, fruit juice, and soft drinks. The high level of acidity in these drinks can erode the teeth more quickly.

• Avoid or limit drinking fruit drinks, vitamin waters, energy drinks, and alcohol. The high levels of sugar in these drinks cause bacteria formation on the surface of the teeth.

• Avoid eating foods that make your mouth dry

• Eat food items that will increase your saliva levels since saliva is a natural cleanser for your mouth

• Brush your teeth twice a day

• When you brush, make sure you scrub your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes, not missing any nook or cranny.

• Brush your tongue to keep bacteria out of your mouth.

• Clean your toothbrush well after every use.

• Floss your teeth twice a day! Bacteria tend to settle in between your teeth in areas inaccessible to your toothbrush alone.

• Rinse your mouth twice a day with a good quality antimicrobial liquid.

• If you are wearing dentures or any other mouth accessory, ensure they are cleaned properly every day.

• Take the help of OM Dental, your family dentist in New Britain, to understand how to do a plaque test, which will help you detect any plaque you might have missed.

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