What are wisdom teeth and the right time to get them out

The very last set of molars on both upper and lower jaw are called wisdom teeth. These are the last to erupt and can take as much time as they want to. Usually, they come out in late teens or even early twenties.

Unlike the rest of the teeth, the eruption of wisdom tooth can be really painful and can take years to fully erupt. American dental association recommends visiting your family dentist New Britain to get this tooth evaluated, and get it removed if required.

After evaluation dentist in New Britain CT, will find out if the roots are properly developed or not. At times wisdom tooth partially emerges and that too in a crooked condition that can be really painful, generally of the tooth is crooked doctors recommend to get it extracted, in order to avoid any combination later on. In some severe and complicated cases, extraction of wisdom tooth can be as painful as RCT, therefore make sure to visit the dentist who is a pro in handling such cases.

Reason for such complications

These are usually the last set of teeth and by the time they start erupting, other teeth settle at their places completely and leave no room for the wisdom tooth to accommodate. Because of lesser space, it becomes really difficult for the wisdom tooth to adjust itself and that is when such complications arise. If not treated on time or can lead to swelling, and tenderness causing a lot of pain and discomfort in eating or even talking.

Treatment involved

Tooth extraction is the common treatment to get rid of the pain emerging from the wisdom tooth. Depending on the condition of your wisdom tooth your doctor from dental care clinic center may give you local or general anesthesia in order to make you comfortable. In case a tooth is embedded in the bone, then the procedure of extracting tooth can be little complicated, where the dentist will make incisions and then will remove the tooth in order to avoid any unnecessary bone extraction.

This treatment may lead to bleeding, swelling or pain for a relatively higher time but if it is prolonged, make sure to consult your dentist to rule out any complications.