What Is The Gingival Sulcus?

The gingival sulcus is considered to be the natural space which is found between the gum tissue that surrounds the tooth and tooth, where this is known as free gingiva. If you floss between your teeth, you are removing plaque and also food from the gingival sulcus.

If you undergo a dental examination, the dental hygienist or the dentist in New Britain, CT, will use an instrument called a periodontal probe which can measure the depth of the gingival sulcus. This determines the health of your gums and can also measure the extent of the bone loss, which is as a result of the advanced periodontal disease. It is important to keep that space clean and it also plays an important role in your oral health, which can help avoid gum issues in the near future.

The Plaque and Gingival Sulcus

Since it is a space between the tooth and the gums, the gingival sulcus is obviously considered to be a landing spot for plaque. The plaque can build up in the gingival sulcus that can cause many dental issues.

What is plaque and how to prevent it?

Plaque is considered to be a sticky, soft and colorless deposit which forms on and around the teeth and gums. It forms in the space between the teeth and gum tissue that is commonly known as the gingival sulcus. Plaque attacks the teeth and gums with the acid that it produces from the bacteria in your mouth and the bacteria use the sugars from the beverages and food with the saliva to multiply and thrive. This form of acid attack can break down the tooth enamel that causes tooth sensitivity and can also end with varying degrees of the tooth decay. The gum diseases and bad breath is all because of the plaque.

The prevention of plaque is a very important and central step towards dental care since it can do a lot of damages to the teeth, mouth and the surrounding areas. There are said to be two effective measures for the prevention of plaque. First is to limit your overall consumptions of the foods which are high in carbohydrates since the high rate of carbohydrate consumptions can lead to a high presence of plaque build-up. The second way is to frequently brush and floss, in order to prevent plaque.

You can visit a dental care clinic center or your family dentist in New Britain, in order to check up your teeth from time to time.