Whiter Teeth Better Selfies

Are you taking less selfies or pictures of yourself even when you really want? Is it just because you don’t want to show your pale-yellow color of teeth? The trend of clicking our pictures have tremendously increased in the recent past. The explanation of which is quite uncertain, but it surely helps in building increased levels of self-confidence among the population and determining a lot about themselves through it. In the age of Social Media, we always want everyone to be your aware of our life and nothing is complete without a perfect selfie. Let it be a surprise meet with a friend or family member, who doesn’t want to share it with the world on social media with captions such as, “Look who I ran into today.” This is never ending but those yellow teeth surely make it appear as ending.

Can Even Boost Your Self Confidence

A study conducted for Crest®, titled "The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impressions,"  Measures how your professional life, as well as social interactions, can be directly affected by just a brighter smile. Results showed that 61 percent of the study participants were perceived as more confident after having their teeth whitened.

Apart from this, there are two other positive outcomes when it is all about oral health for people. Firstly, how selfies play a drastic role in improving the way we brush our teeth. This will help in reducing the chances of major gum diseases and tooth decay. Secondly, it increases the desire to improve one’s smile by cosmetic dental treatment.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration?

The reasons due to which stains appear can be external, also known as extrinsic which only affects the outer layer of the teeth while it can be internal also, known as intrinsic which affects the inner layer.

Most tooth stains are seen on the surface of the enamel. These stains are frequently caused by what we drink and eat during our daily routine, including stuff such as coffee, cola, tea, red wine, berries, and smoking.

Damage to the intrinsic part of teeth is mainly caused by due to medications such as antibiotics, fluoride or a fall cause the inside of your teeth to go darker and yellow. Aging also discolors our teeth due to a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic staining.

Staining of your teeth is not certainly a sign of unhealthy teeth unless it is due to internal damage. Intrinsic staining can also result from trauma to the tooth, metal fillings. In just one appointment you can achieve remarkable results.