Wisdom Teeth: Understanding the Third Molars

There are a lot of misconceptions about wisdom teeth. For ages, we have been listening to stories about wisdom teeth and how they are an indication that one has become wise. However, most of the times, these teeth are the very reason you suffer from acute pain and have to undergo the knife to get them extracted. In this post, we have brought you some facts from expert Dentist in New Britain, CT about wisdom teeth that answer all your queries.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last growing teeth in your mouth. They are also known as third molars and grow at each end of your jawline. The normal time of the breaking in is during the teenage, however, they can appear later as well. Their evolution is usually slower and they might take years to grow out as mature teeth.

What is the primary function of wisdom teeth?

As per the family dentist New Britain, you can easily do without these third molars. The history educates that our ancestors used to eat raw meat; they needed this extra set of molars to tear and chew raw meat. Because our eating habits have changed widely, these teeth are now widely of no use. There are cases reported where people do not experience wisdom tooth growth at all and this has been clinically termed as normal.

What are common wisdom Teeth Complications?

Just as we said, there are many misconceptions about wisdom teeth, which, when referred generally, are claimed to be a complication. Some of the common problems that people suffer from their wisdom teeth include crookedly growing wisdom teeth, misaligned wisdom teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, and more. These are common dental conditions which may take a severe form and demand consultation from an expert dentist.

What is a wisdom tooth removal?

In case any of the above-mentioned problems become grave, wisdom teeth removal is the recommended procedure. According to the developmental stage and type of wisdom teeth, the Dental care clinic center experts will decide the extent of the procedure. The ones which have broken through the gum line are easy to extract while the ones that are impacted demand more efforts and detailed procedure.

In any case, you must connect to a dentist and seek the best treatment. It is not always a complex problem that is surrounding your wisdom tooth. Only an expert dentist can guide you the best about your problem and offer the best solution.