What the tooth fairy has to say about your baby’s teeth?

What the tooth fairy has to say about your baby’s teeth

When baby teeth fall off a fairy called "the tooth fairy" comes and takes them away while replacing them with a gold coin under the pillow. It has been an old wives' tale for ages but for kids, the tooth fairy is for real. Working around the clock for so many years, the tooth fairy has understood the value of teeth and has great advice to share with you. In this post, let us amalgamate the advice from the tooth fairy and the best dentist New Britain CT and make you more knowledgeable about baby teeth:

Are dental x-rays for babies?

Kid’s oral health is very important and dental x-rays are a reliable diagnostic tool to ensure there is nothing wrong with your kid’s oral health. When you visit the best dental care clinic center for kids, the dentist ensures to use mild radiations while performing a dental x-ray.

Is pacifier a trouble?

Not if your kid is up to 2 years old. However, if he is 2 plus, you need to make sure you make them quit it. Sucking too much of pacifier can distort the shape of their teeth. 

Does kid's teeth cavity too need fillings?

The permanent teeth of your kid grow on the same spot as their baby teeth. If the baby teeth have bad roots, the bacteria may pass on to the gums and make the site doomed. This means that the new teeth will also come up affected and unhealthy. It is best to visit your family dentist CT and get the kid's teeth filed.

Does milk allergy affect tooth health in kids?

Many parents believe in the notion that milk is vital for kid’s dental health. However, it is not the milk but the calcium in it that plays a significant role in fostering great dental health in kids. If your kid has dental allergies, you can ask your pediatrician to offer you a calcium supplement to ensure the healthy growth of teeth and bones in the child’s body.

How important is fluoride for my kid’s teeth?

Fluoride is important for your kid’s dental health. It makes the tooth enamel strong, offering a protective layer against cavities. 

It is very important to take proper care of your kid’s teeth and ensure that they have a perfect smile. The tooth fairy will then visit your child and offer them the gift of a golden coin.