White Spot on teeth causes and treatment

White Spot on teeth causes and treatment

Smile is a prominent factor that enhances our beauty. However, there are several reasons one may feel too embarrassed to smile. One of the top reasons that affect the aesthetic value of your teeth is white spots. When your teeth are stained or they have white spots it really affects your overall appearance.

If you too are dealing with white spots on teeth or want to prevent the condition, given below are the causes of white spots and the treatment stated by the best dentist New Britain CT.

Too much fluoride

Exposing your teeth to too much fluoride can result in white spots to appear on your teeth. The scientific term for this is known as fluorosis, and it basically takes place in children during the time when their teeth and tooth enamel are still on the verge of being formed. It is mostly in the age group of one to eight years old.


Dental care clinic center CT claims that your diet also affects the teeth. If your food is not rich in calcium and instead rich in acidic content, then white spots can develop. Experts suggest to manage your diet and keep it balanced by adding food rich in calcium such as almonds, cheese, milk, etc. to your daily intake.


One common cause of white spots is medication. There are certain medicines such as antibiotics, which result in white spots on teeth. Excessive medicine intake basically impacts the way your tooth builds enamel and result in a white spot.

Smoking when pregnant

When women are in their phase of pregnancy and they smoke, the smoke affects the ability of the child to develop enamel later in life and leads to white spots on their teeth when mature. It is a very common problem observed in the babies that show up later, during the time of teeth development.


To get rid of white spots there are certain treatments that you can opt. Given below are some of the recommended treatments for White Spots on teeth:

Teeth Bleaching

This is one common way to make your pearly whites even whiter. There are two bleaches used by the dentists to bleach the teeth; hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The bleach breaks up the white spots into smaller stains, which makes them less visible.

 Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a great aid to get rid of white spots on your teeth. Dental veneers, also known as  porcelain veneers or porcelain laminates, are wafer-thin protective coverings that are installed on your teeth to cover up the white spots and stains. They are very effective as your family dentist CT would make a customized veneer, according to the color of your tooth and its shape.

Hope this article helps you in understanding white spots on teeth and its causes and avail the best treatment.